IS IT WORTH IT?: Morphe 35W Palette Review

I purchased the Morphe 35W Palette in June and received it on the 27th.  I’ve been using it for the past week and feel comfortable reviewing it after experimenting with a few eye looks, including my Warm Gold & Plum Eyeshadow Tutorial. Keep reading to find out if I found this product to be worth the buy!

This palette retails for $19.99, and contains 35 shadows, breaking down to about $0.57 a shadow.  You get a range of mattes and shimmer hadows. The packaging of the palette is a black matte finish with the Morphe logo in the center. My only issue with this is it gets very dirty very fast (mine has a ton of fingerprints and shadow on it already). On the back, it has a sticker that says the palette number “35W”.  The palette itself is pretty lightweight, but that is understandable, since the price isn’t as much as a high end palette.

After using this palette, I’ve fallen in love again with shimmer eyeshadows. I strayed away from them for a while and used a lot of matte shades in the past few months, but the shimmer eyeshadows in this palette are like foiled pigments.  They are so rich and buttery, more so than the mattes. The color pay off of the shimmer shadows is more pigmented than the mattes.  All of the shadows are very blendable and there are a wide range of colors, suitable for all different skin tones.  The color range also presents a great deal of artistic freedom.  You can create a look thats more neutral and wearable, something dramatic and smokey, or even something with a lot of color.  Lets take a closer look at some swatches row by row.


This first row of seven shadows is probably the row I’ve used the least. The first three shadows, as shown in the photo, blend right into my skin.  I’ve been using them as a base color for my shadow, to neutralize any hyper-pigmentation or veins that I have on my eyes. The last four shades are very beautiful highlight colors that I’ve enjoyed trying.


The next row of shadows have more pigmentation than the first row.  They all have warm undertones and a few are great matte shades to work with in the crease, like the third, fourth and sixth. There are also two very unique colors in this row that would be hard to find anywhere else, which are the bubble gum pink shade in the fifth spot, and the shimmery burnt orange in the seventh spot.


The third row contains the shadows that I’ve had the most fun experimenting with. I love the peach undertones in the first three shades. I also love the silver gray shadow in the seventh spot. I think the color is very unique to the palette and would be great to use in a smoky eye with the black shadows in the last row.


The fourth row goes back into the brown tones, similar to the second row, but a little darker in color. The shades in this row are almost all shimmer, which is great for adding depth to the outer v of the eye. My favorite shade from this row is the fourth shade in.


These last swatches got a little funky because my arm had been rubbed so many times with makeup wipes, so I apologize for that! The last row is all about smoking out the eye and deepening the crease. It contains mostly matte, dark shades.  The undertones are relatively cool, and a few of the shades contain purple hues.

My overall thoughts of this palette are that it has a great range of colors, relatively good pigmentation, and is very cheap in comparison to other palettes that have similar quality of eyeshadows. This palette would be great for different skill levels, whether you are just starting out with makeup, or if you are very experienced and feel comfortable with eyeshadow. I definitely approve of this palette, so I’m going to say the Morphe 35W is worth it!

Here is where you can buy the Morphe 35W Palette.

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Morgan ♕

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