HAUL: Morphe

Ever since Morphe came out with the smaller 15-shadow palette, I’ve been wanting it.  I decided to pick one up, along with a beauty sponge. I thought it would be a good idea to share what the palette looks like, and show how much it costs in total. Morphe has such reasonably priced products, that are really great quality! I highly recommend checking out their website.  The links to each product will be in the product title.

Flawless Beauty Sponge: $7.00

15D Day Slayer Eyeshadow Palette: $15.00

I love the flawless beauty sponge for applying foundation. It’s soft, and doesn’t absorb too much product, so I made sure to pick up another. The 15D palette is perfect for traveling because it has great soft brown mattes, and beautiful shimmer shadows. In total, the order was $27.75 with shipping, which is a great price for the two items.

If you would like to see a review on the palette, please let me know! I hope you enjoyed this short post, and follow my blog for more beauty insight!

Morgan ♕


17 thoughts on “HAUL: Morphe

  1. I love Morphe! I have the Fall Into Frost Palette and the Jaclyn Hill Palette and love them both. I also have the eye brush set as well and these brushes are amazing. I definitely wanna try out the beauty sponge as well. A review on the palette would be most appreciated. Those colors are awesome!

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