LIFESTYLE: My Makeup Vanity Away at College

April 1, 2018

My post for today is going to be on the longer side, because I wanted to do something a little different. I know when I came to college I was struggling to find a way to organize my makeup collection. I feel like I finally created a system that works, and wanted to share it for anyone who isn’t sure how to organize their products. I’m not going to include any in depth information on what makeup I have with me at school specifically, but if you would like to see a different post on my college makeup collection with pictures of everything, please let me know in the comments section!

The picture above is a general overview of the layout of my desk that I turned into my makeup vanity. I keep my school books and supplies separate, since I like to go on campus to do my work anyway. I like to have a clean space to work, so I make sure to keep everything organized. My room is mainly golds, silvers, and grays, so I decided to keep with that theme.

I purchased this container from Homegoods and I believe it was meant to hold brushes, but I actually use it to keep products that I am currently using a lot or testing out. You can see I have a chapstick and setting spray, along with a face mask I’m trying out. I also keep my moisturizer next to the container, so I remember to moisturize in the morning and before I go to bed. I really love this container because my symbol for my blog is a crown, and the nickname “Beauty Queen” was really my inspiration behind it!

The next thing is a lamp that I purchased from Target, it’s just a white lamp, but I actually set it behind my double sided mirror when I’m doing my makeup to act as a ring light. This helps me get a strong light to see what I’m doing. You can also see I keep my glasses there just so I don’t lose them.

I purchased this little coaster plate on sale at Anthropology. I’m an Aries and I thought it was really beautiful, so I put it on my desk for decoration, and keep my go-to jewelry in it.

This next photo shows my double sided mirror that I got from Homegoods, along with a few lights. The string lights are from Target and the Ooh La Lamp can be purchased online. It’s a lamp that has beads you can change out that are scented. When the light is on it heats up the beads and makes your room smell amazing. I highly recommend purchasing one if your University doesn’t allow you to have candles. My favorite scent to use is either Lavender or Eucalyptus Mint, which is what I have in now! The last thing in this section of my desk is the Bose speaker. I listen to music usually while I do my makeup, so having a wireless speaker is an essential for me.

I have a pull out drawer that is the perfect height for my bigger palettes. To the left I have an agenda where I plan out posts for the month, as well as a little notepad to jot down ideas. To the right are my three big Morphe palettes, and a Profusion Palette.

I feel like everyone has some type of miscellaneous bin, and I store mine underneath my desk in a gold and tan container I purchased from Target. I keep a lot of products that I don’t reach for on an everyday basis, so I don’t clutter the basket that has my essentials. There are a few reasons I put products down in this bin. One reason for example is I currently have a lot of self tanner on, so I put any really light foundations in the bin, until I need them again. Another reason is I have a lot of tiny palettes and products meant more for traveling, and they get lost if they are in the bin with my other makeup. The last reason is some products I just don’t need as frequently, like eyelashes or colored highlighter. I also keep newer products that I’m not ready to use. An example of this is the Butter London Mascara. I want to make sure I save that until I’m done using the two mascaras in my current rotation, since mascara expires so quickly.

This is a view of the top portion of my makeup vanity. I keep my brushes, a kylie lip set and my everyday makeup basket on the lower portion, and a lip organizer and some decoration on the top portion.

I absolutely love this brush organizer that I purchased from Homegoods. It has a glittery gold painted makeup brushes with a mirror backing. The container itself has three compartments, so I generally organize my brushes by keeping foundation brushes on the left, powder brushes in the middle, and eye brushes on the right. The Kylie set is from her Vacation Collection and I honestly just love the packaging with the nude matte and camo, so I keep it on display.

My lip organizer has 12 of my most used and reached for lip products. I have a few Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, a few Colourpop lipsticks, some Kylie products, and a Tarte lip paint in limited edition packaging.

IMG_4206The last part of my vanity is that big white makeup basket that I got from Michaels. Inside I have an acrylic organizer from Target. I keep my most used products in here. To the left is my highlighters and blushes. In the middle section are primers, foundations, concealers, bronzers and powders. To the right is eyebrow and eye products. Around the perimeter of the organizer to the right are my eyeshadow palettes, and in front is a setting spray, a few small cheek palettes, and my makeup wipes.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this gave you some makeup vanity inspiration. Please like this if you enjoyed this post. It’s a little different from what I usually do, but I’m going to be branching out into some more lifestyle and fashion posts, to hopefully reach a wider audience, so show some love if this is something you want to see more of! As always, don’t forget to follow my blog for more beauty insight.

Morgan ♕


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