TRAVEL DIARY: Green Chianti, Tuscany

I’m a little behind on my study abroad blog posts, but still want to keep you guys up to date on what I’m doing. So this past weekend I was in London, but this post will be dedicated to the weekend before, when I was in Green Chianti, Tuscany!

We traveled with a company that organizes the trip for us. We went to two wineries. The first was called Palagetto, where we tried a white wine and a red wine.



We also got a tour of the vineyard at the first location, along with learning about the fermentation process.  At the second location, which was Tenuta Torciano, we focused more on sampling wine, because we had about 7 to try in 45 minutes, and learned about how to properly taste each. I was amazed by how knowledgable they were at both locations. Because they are family businesses, it really gives you an idea of how much work and pride they take in their wines.


Unfortunately, it was a little gloomy the day we went, and it rained for most of the trip. However, we were able to sneak in a few photos in the vineyard during the day!


We had a sampling of delicious appetizers at both places, and it allowed for a combination of the best three things: food, fun, and friends. I decided after trying a Pinot Grigio and a Chianti Classico, to send a bottle of each home to my parents. They have been so supportive and helpful to me while on this trip, and although I’m paying for this experience, I know I couldn’t have done it without them. They deserve the world, so that was just a little way for me to show them how much I appreciate them.


One of my favorite parts about our visit was learning about the different notes in the wine, such as, cherry, blackberry, or vanilla . As soon as they told us what was in each, you could taste it, which I have never experienced before! I really feel like I can go back home now and know what to look for in a glass of wine.


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Green Chianti in Tuscany, Italy! I highly recommend touring a vineyard if you are in the area, and learning about the production of wine. Stay tuned for a post soon about my experience in London, England! I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about Tuscany. Be sure to follow my blog for more beauty insight.

Morgan ♕

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