IS IT WORTH IT?: Juvia’s Place The Nubian Loose Highlighter

August 24, 2019

I’ve started trying something new when I go beauty shopping. I look for one product from a company I don’t know, or try a product that I wouldn’t normally find myself purchasing. One of them is from a brand I’m not completely familiar with, called Juvia’s Place. I saw the display in Ulta, and absolutely loved the colors in the eyeshadow palettes, and they’re packaging. It was all so rich, and beautiful. I decided I wanted to share my thoughts on The Nubian Loose Highlighter, so here is my Is It Worth It? review.

Juvia’s Place has an online store, and they also sell products at Ulta retailers in the United States. You can check out other places they sell their merchandise on their website, as they have lots of options in different countries! The highlighter itself retails for $14.00. There are a few color options, including Nefertiti, which is the one I have. The other shades include Nubia, Royalty I & Royalty II. Nefertiti is a beautiful champagne, gold color. It comes in a plastic container with a filter inside.

I actually really love this product. It will definitely give you a brighter and more dramatic look than a pressed highlighter will. However, it has micro fine glitter that is so beautiful, and glistens when it reflex in the light. The shade I have is perfect for fair to light skin. It’s a lighter than the Becca Pressed Highlighter in Prosecco Pop, which will be perfect for the winter time when I’m a little paler. My only recommendation is definitely to use a brush that isn’t densely packed with brush hairs. I found that if I use a brush that is super dense, it can look a little streak-y. I also recommend you put a little product on at a time and slowly build. It’s easy to add more of it, but also easy to put too much on in the beginning. If you do put too much on, lightly “veil” over the product by placing a little more pressed or loose translucent powder right over the highlight. That will dull it down.

Overall, I really love this brand and the product. I think the price is extremely reasonable, especially for the amount of highlighter you are getting. I think the colors are really beautiful, because they all have a golden hue. I’m going to go ahead and say the Juvia’s Place The Nubian Loose Highlighter is worth it. I hope you check out the product, and purchase something from this wonderful brand! Don’t forget to follow my blog for more beauty insight.

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