TUTORIAL: Updated Natural, Everyday Look for Accutane

December 10, 2019

Since starting Accutane, my complexion has changed so much. As a result, I’ve started to change out products in my everyday routine. I wanted to share for those that suffer from very dry skin, which seems to be what I’m dealing with now! I do this look every morning before work, and it only takes about 20 minutes!


So the beauty of this entire look is it involves no brushes! I use a beauty blender, and my fingers, to blend in everything. For a beginner, this makes the whole look much less intimidating! To start, I apply the Becca primer to my entire face and neck, and let that dry for about 5 minutes. I like this primer because it is extremely hydrating! Next, I use the Benefit primer on the spots where I have larger pores, because it has a silicone base to it. This would include around my nose, between my brows, and on my chin. These two steps help create an even base for all other face products. I like to then apply my foundation. I start on my cheeks, and then work my way up and out. I don’t really have acne anymore, but I do have some scarring. For this, I just build a little more product up in those areas, and then blend out the edges. This helps keep a seamless base. The step that follows is concealer. I apply it directly under my eyes, and then blend it out with the beauty blender. The last step for the base is to lightly apply powder right under the eyes, and on the lids. I’ve been trying to keep my face as dewy as possible because of my dry skin while on Accutane, so applying powder with a beauty blender just in these areas has been working out really well!


As you can tell, most of these products are liquid and cream, just so I don’t dry out my skin more so than it already is. First, I use the contour stick to draw a line directly under my cheekbone. Then, I drag the line up my temples, and connect it in the top-middle portion of my forehead. The next step is to draw a line under my entire jaw line. Now, the beauty blender becomes your friend again! I blend out the harsh lines to create a nice contour & bronze. Definition is really important for me, so this product does a great job achieving that. I apply blush after, by putting a few dots of the paint onto the apples of my cheeks, and then blend that upwards on my cheekbones. The last part of my face makeup before I move on to eyes is highlighting! I apply a little bit of the Glamglow moisturizer to my cheekbones and on my temples! I also use the Becca slimlight highlighter on my nose. I draw a line down the center and blend out, and put a little of it on my cupids bow! For highlighter and blush, I just use my fingers because I think it’s easiest!


The eye makeup is super simple! The first step is to use the Too Faced palette, and swipe on both ‘cashmere bunny’, and ‘strip poker’, on the lid and a little in the crease! You could definitely use a blending brush, but using my fingers has just become part of my routine. I usually move on to using the Benefit pencil to shape my brows. I use hair like strokes and try to define underneath the brow, so you can really see the arch and overall shape. The last two steps are applying eyeliner to the tight-line, which is where the root of your top eyelashes are. For mascara, I apply a coat or two to the top and bottom. I try to focus the product mainly at the root, and less on the ends. I find this makes them look wispy, and less heavy!

The last steps I would do are apply a little bit of setting spray and Carmax! I haven’t been wearing a lot of lip products, because my lips are usually the first thing to get dry. I included a photo below to show how everything comes together!

This is a super, simple way to dive into makeup, even when you have dry skin, or may not have as much experience using makeup! This routine may change for me once I am done Accutane, but I wanted to share for those who have dry skin. Let me know in the comments if you try this look, and don’t forget to follow my blog for more beauty insight!

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